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6th Sense Divine 5-Wire 4-Blade Umbrella Rig

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After two years of non-stop designing and testing with the 6th Sense Lure Lab Team and Pro Staff Ambassador Josh Jones, the 6th Sense Diving 5-Wire Bladed Umbrella Rig catches lunker-sized bass and is built to last. Starting with the head, it features a highly detailed molded hard plastic head with a built-in swivel system, which allows the rig to maintain a balanced swimming action and move with fish when they are hooked to increase landing ratios. The stainless steel spring wire construction also provides the perfect balance of flexibility and durability to give the rig a natural baitball pulsating action, as well as, the strength to catch multiple big bass without any wire breakage issues. The premium willow leaf blades that are attached by ball bearing swivels will turn at even the slowest speeds and produce a mesmerizing flash and vibration to entice more fish to bite. Finished with high quality snap swivels for attaching your favorite jigheads, the 6th Sense Diving 5-Wire Bladed Umbrella Rig is available in multiple sizes so that you can adjust the size of your swimbaits and overall profile to fit the conditions.

**Don't forget to check your State's fish and game rules and regulations - a fully rigged umbrella rig is illegal in some States.