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Bass Mafia Cranking Coffin

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Please Note: Does not fit all oversized crankbaits Revolutionizing the way we store deep-diving crankbaits, the Bass Mafia Cranking Coffin offers a cavernous, crank-specific construction that is capable of housing up to 44 deep diving crankbaits. No more rifling through stowaways and dealing with tangled clumps of sharp metal and plastic. Now, with the Bass Mafia Cranking Coffin you can keep all of your large crankbaits in one neatly organized container. Offering advanced durability, like all of Bass Mafia’s products, the Bass Mafia Cranking Coffin is completely waterproof and fitted with two secure-locking latches. A must-have for plug enthusiasts, the Bass mafia Cranking Coffin offers an inventive and dependable solution for storing your deep-diving crankbaits. Dimensions: 14.9" x 9.3" x 6.5"