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Berkley Money Badger Crankbaits 5

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A hybrid baitfish-crayfish design ideal for crawling over rocks and bottom structure, the Berkley Money Badger Crankbaits feature a slow rise off the bottom that allows them to hang in the strike zone longer during the pause. Built with Berkley’s patented FlashDisc technology to improve tracking, stability, and accuracy, the Money Badger provides balsa-like action and the versatility to be fished slowly or burned at high speeds without blowing out.

Tuned to deliver the perfect balance of sound and action, these compact crankbaits deliver maximum hard-thumping vibration with an amplified side roll and clicking sound system to draw fish in from great distances. Complete with a tungsten weight transfer system for long-distance castability, the Berkley Money Badger Crankbaits come armed with razor-sharp Berkley Fusion 19 treble hooks so they are ready to catch straight out of the package!

Money Badger 5 2-1/8" 1/4oz 8-10ft