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Geecrack Imo Kemushi Stick Worm 95mm

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A top-secret lure coming straight from Japan, the Geecrack Imo Kemushi Stick Worm was developed on Lake Biwa for tournament anglers and to provide a unique presentation that is deadly when dealing with highly pressured bass. Molded with a tapered body shape and silicone skirting throughout, it is made to be fished weightless on an EWG style hook, which creates a perfectly horizontal descent with a secondary quivering action thanks to the small silicone legs that extend from all sides. It is also heavily salted and made from Geecrack’s signature S.A.F. material that helps trigger more bites and make fish hold on longer so you have more time to set the hook. Offered in a selection of mouth-watering colors, the Geecrack Imo Kemushi Stick Worm will show the fish something different and put more fish in your livewell.

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