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Megabass Magdraft Swimbaits 5"

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  • The Megabass Magdraft 5 inch Soft Body Swimbait is a JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) swimbait that is available for a limited time with a limited release in the United States!
  • The Magdraft is designed to draw in predators with slow and fast retrieves.
  • Megabass exclusive magnetic Maghold System and belly slit will secure hooks in place to minimize visual presence of unnatural treble hooks.
  • The 5 Inch Megabass JDM Magdraft weighs 3/4 oz and comes one bait per pack.
  • Available in 4 JDM Colors!

The Megabass Magdraft JDM 5 inch Swimbait is a special, limited time and limited availability release in the United States! This new 5 inch prototype of the trophy hunting Magdraft swimbait is equipped with the magnetic Maghold system to neatly keep the hook out of the way until a fish is striking, and is downsized to be a smaller profile that gets crushed with your big bass wants a small snack. Check out the 4 limited release JDM colors and grab yours before its gone!