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Megabass Super-Z Z2 Crankbaits

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Ideal when targeting mid-range and large transition areas, the Megabass Super-Z Z2 Crankbaits are a compact, deep-diving weapon every crankbait enthusiast needs in their arsenal. The Z-2’s employ a high pitch action and relentless “bulldog” style of bottom contact to summon aggressive strikes to your line. At only 2 inches long, but capable of diving 10-feet deep, these finesse sized crankbaits are perfect when your bass are chasing smaller forage or when you are challenged with a highly pressured fishery. Additionally, their immediate posture recovery after contact and ability to trace tightly along the bottom is exceptional for their size and weight class. Previously, this capability required a significantly larger body and internal volume in order to harness the effects of buoyancy, but the Z-2 has packed astonishing performance, components, and attributes in an unbelievably small size.

Starting at the front, the Megabass Super-Z Z2 Crankbaits employ their “hard contact bill” which more efficiently transmits vibrations for clear feedback to the angler as the bait hunts over rocky or other hard structure. The body of the bait showcases 3D scale patterning along with its 3D gill rakers and meticulously detailed paint schemes. In addition to the impressive exterior, they boast Megabass’s patented LBO II moving balancer system for increased casting distance despite their small profile and lightweight design. Designed to terrorize bass holding on deeper drop-offs or prowling aggressive lake contours, the Megabass Super-Z Z2 Crankbaits are destined to be a favorite in tackle boxes everywhere.

Super-Z Z1 2" 1/4oz 10ft Floating