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OSP Saikoro "Dice" Rubber Non-Salt Soft Bait

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Designed in collaboration with OSP pro-staffer and renowned sight fishing angler Yuki Minemura, the OSP Saikoro "Dice" Rubber Non-Salt Soft Bait is an extremely unique and powerful lure for converting stubborn bed fish into biters. Despite its rather small profile, the Saikoro “Dice” Rubber Non-Salt is highly effective for targeting fish feeding on insects and shrimp but also attracts bass that prey on small baitfish by generating a large water push from its numerous tentacles.

Built with a non-salt construction that allows it to fall slowly through the water column, the Saikoro "Dice" Rubber Soft Bait is ideal for targeting shallow bed fish with weightless rigging but is also highly effective when rigged on a Carolina rig or drop shot. For the best results, rig the OSP Saikoro "Dice" Rubber Non-Salt Soft Bait on a small drop shot or wacky hook with no sinker, let it fall into the bass’s line of sight, and when you have their attention twitch the lure to get them to react!

Length Weight Quantity
0.5"         1.7g        4