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Perfection Lures Pre-Rigged Ned Green Pumpin Violet

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A smart way to find a limit when the conditions are tough, the Perfection Lures Pre-Rigged Ned Kit makes it easier than ever to put bass in the boat. Ready to jump out of the package and into your favorite fishery, the Pre-Rigged Ned Kit comes with three baits already threaded on the tournament-grade Ned Heads, and an additional three spare bodies to keep you in the action when the bite is hot.

The Perfection Lures Pre-Rigged Ned Kit relies upon tantalizing soft plastic Ned baits that feature aggressive ribbing throughout the body to maximize water disturbance and wiggling action. The base of the worms offer a more robust profile with a wide body that resists tearing and increases their longevity while the tail tapers to a teardrop shape for tremendous quivering action. The Jigheads feature a razor-sharp hook for fast, smooth-setting performance and the rounded head employs a durable paint finish resistant to chipping and flaking. An excellent solution to the challenge of ultra-clear or highly-pressured fisheries, the Perfection Lures Pre-Rigged Ned Kit has everything you need to tangle with predators – just add water.

Package Includes: (3) Fully-rigged baits with 1/8oz Ned heads (3) spare worms