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Perfection Lures Pre-Rigged Neko Kit

Regular price $9.99

Seamlessly blending convenience and attraction, the Perfection Lures Pre-Rigged Neko Kit comes ready to fish right out of the package. In the kit anglers will find six finesse worms pre-outfitted with durable O-Ring hook retainers and screw-in ball weights so they are ready to tempt bass with a subtle, yet incredibly natural presentation right out of the box. Anglers can easily adjust the action by sliding the hook retainer up or down the body of the worm to better match the mood of their lake’s fish. Combining natural action with pre-rigged convenience, the Perfection Lures Pre-Rigged Neko Kit makes fishing the wildly productive Neko Rig easier than ever!

Package Includes: (6) Finesse worms pre-rigged with O-Rings and 1/8oz weights (1) 2/0 Hook