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Shimano Swagy Strong Colorado Willow Spinnerbaits

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Designed with a goal to create a spinnerbait with the ultimate vibration and toughness, the Shimano Swagy Strong Colorado Willow Spinnerbaits are built around an innovative tapered wire that is ideal for hooking fish in deep water or at the end of a long cast. The lower arm features a thicker (1mm) wire to provide increased power for improved hook-up ratios and added durability, while the upper arm of the Swagy Strong tapers to a thinner (0.9mm) wire that enables the blades to transmit more vibration underwater.

Equipped with vibrant Colorado and willow leaf blades that start quickly with the first turn of the reel handle, the unique shape of the blades' front cup intensifies vibration and creates a faster rise for incredibly balanced retrieves. Finished with natural 3D eyes, lively silicone skirting material and a razor-sharp hook, the Shimano Swagy Strong Colorado Willow Spinnerbaits provide the durability and toughness to ensure your confidence with aggressive reaction bites from trophy-sized fish.