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Shimano Swagy Strong Double Willow Spinnerbaits 1/2 OZ

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Ideal for hooking fish in deeper water or at the end of a long cast, the Shimano Swagy Strong Double Willow Spinnerbait incorporates an innovative tapered wire design for added toughness without sacrificing performance. The lower arm features a thicker (1mm) wire to provide increased power for improved hook-up ratios and added durability, while the upper arm of the Swagy Strong tapers to a thinner (0.9mm) wire that enables the blades to transmit more vibration underwater.

Featuring two luminous willow leaf blades and premium components throughout, the unique shape of the blade's front cup creates a faster rise and allows the lure to quickly run true while intensifying vibration. Whether you need to slow-roll it through shallow cover or burn the bait for aggressive reaction strikes, the Shimano Swagy Strong Double Willow Spinnerbaits deliver a high-performance design that will boost your confidence when hooking into the fish of a lifetime.