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Uncle Josh Big Daddy Frog

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With new suppliers, Uncle Josh Pork is back on the market for all the diehard pork anglers that have been catching boatloads of bass on pork lures since 1922. The Uncle Josh Big Daddy Frog is a large chunk style trailer that features two large appendages, which create a subtle lifelike action that big bass simply can’t resist. Because it’s made from pork and impregnated with genuine livebait scent, it also looks, acts, smells, and tastes just like the real thing to unsuspecting bass. The legendary durability of natural pork means that each Uncle Josh Big Daddy Frog can stand up to multiple fish and still perform flawlessly as well. 100% biodegradable, the Uncle Josh Big Daddy Frog is a deadly jig trailer for cold water and when there is increased fishing pressure from other anglers.

Length    4" x 1.25"

Quantity  2