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Uncle Josh Pork Frog

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With new suppliers, Uncle Josh Pork is back on the market for all the diehard pork anglers that have been catching boatloads of bass on pork lures since 1922. The original pork trailer - the Uncle Josh #11 Pork Frog has been used for years by the weekend angler, as well as, current top bass fishing pro's. This trailer is ideal for cold water situations or when a slower fall is needed. Uncle Josh #11 Pork Frog is super soft and flexible for a natural flow in the water and a natural feel to bass when they pick it up. Also loaded with salt for the right taste so bass hang on longer, fish the Uncle Josh #11 Pork Frog as is straight out of the bottle, or add a little bit of meat tenderizer to soften it up for added action.

Length  2.4" x 1"

Quantity  3